22-REACH would like to reach many more veterans through the following programs:

REACH Out – Supporting our veterans at home and abroad through motivation, encouragement, and emotional support in the form of care packages and personal letters “from home.”

REACH Our Kids (ROK) – This program will aim to pair veterans who have disabilities (mental, physical, and emotional) with kids who have developmental and physical disabilities. We believe both populations are at risk for lacking a sense of belonging and sense of purpose. By having a veteran-child peer relationship, both can benefit and find a renewed purpose…because even heroes need heroes.

REACH for Your Rights – Helping our veterans find and obtain the mental health benefits they deserve. There is often a gap between when they need services and when they get services. Our advocacy program will strive to improve legislation for veteran assistance.  

REACH for Growth – This program will allow veterans to reach their mental potential by working with our specialized life coaches. These coaches will be trained in the specific mental and emotional needs of those who have served our country. This program will also train our veterans to coach other veterans, allowing us to REACH even more veterans in need. The ultimate goal is to replace Post-traumatic Stress with Post-traumatic Growth.

REACH for Recovery – So often, PTSD and other combat-related disabilities result in substance abuse as a way to deal with the life-altering events of combat. REACH for Recovery will give veterans the help they need to live an addiction-free life.

REACH for Wellness – Mental wellness is so elusive to many of our veterans. Our mental health counselors will offer individual and group therapy, free of charge to veterans, while they wait for services through the VA/VHA programs available to them.

REACH for Independence - Helping veterans with housing and employment to live productive, independent lives. 


~closing the gap to save our heroes